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033 - Rendering challenges of Virtual Reality with Dominic Eskofier from NVIDIA

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This week on ResearchVR we dig deep into the magic behind rendering of VR - where and how can we save performance in extremely demanding virtual reality. We are happy to welcome again on our podcast Dominic Eskofier, NVIDIA's Manager for Europe and beyond.


Here is a list of most prominent issues we've talked about:

  • differences for VR GPU pipeline
  • improvements in Maxwell & Pascal series of GPUs
  • KPIs of graphical performance for VR
  • Motion-to-photo latency
  • GPU memory importance for VR
  • VR Works - importance and implementation
  • spatial audio through optical raytracing
  • addressing lens distortion
  • asynchronous time warp
  • VR SLI
  • GP-GPU - general purpose GPU calculations
  • CPU vs GPU
  • Quadro GPUs
  • NVidia for 360 videos
  • light field displays
  • eyeray render
  • cloud computing
  • NVIDIAs haptics engine


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