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044 - Music in VR with Zach Jaffe from Subpac

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An episode on Audio, Vibrations and Subwoofer (and all the good vibes) with Zach Jaffe from Subpac. They are working on physical audio technologies that are incorporated into their product, the Subpac. Ever wondered what sound is? Or why it is important for VR? Tune in!


Petra G
by Petra G on 23. June 2017
Hello - I've been listening to your podcast for a while, and as an undergraduate student studying software development with an strong interest in cognitive science, I very much appreciate what you all are doing. Keep it up! In program 044 with Zach Jaffe, he mentions Tinnitus and says the only treatment he's heard of is MDA/MDMA. Some years ago I developed symptoms similar to those associated with Tinnitus after playing for a year with a very loud, 13 piece funk orchestra (I'm a trumpet player). I have never been diagnosed, but a good friend told me about Jonathan Hazell, a British physician who had some revolutionary ideas about Tinnitus, Hyperacusis, and related hearing conditions. Essentially, he and his colleagues (drawing partly on the work of Professor Pawel J. Jastreboff of University College London) refute the standard model of structural damage being the central mechanism of the condition, and instead focus on the way in which our brains process the signals. They developed techniques for retraining those systems of the brain and seem to have had a significant amount of success in treating people who suffer with these conditions. I can say anecdotally that using my own, "DIY" version of one of the treatments helped tremendously (I copied a generic version of a "pink noise" disc from my friend and used it nightly for several weeks). Here are a few links to relevant information. Cheers! Petra G Vermont, USA

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