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026 - Is wireless VR really The Solution?

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In this episode we have discussed a long list of topics, all connected to why wireless is important, how is to going to change more than just VR ecosystem, and, most importantly, why it is not a solution for everything.

025 - Optimize Experience Through Analytics

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Everybody says that user testing is important. But why? And why should you gather quantitative data? It is because of how strong embodied cognition is - a lot of decisions, troubles, and actions are perceived and processed on the unconscious level, meaning that users are often unable to report objectively on what worked and what didn't. More often quantitative user testing can only be achieved if the implantation of the tool is easy and quick to implement. This week, together with Robert Merki from CognitiveVR, we went one step further - we took a deep dive into 3D behavioral analytics.

024 - How VR can democratize Architecture

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Thomas Van Bouwel is a Belgian based VR developer and Architect. He is interested in VR for design collaboration & participation and is making an asymmetrical VR+PC game called Panoptic

Many of the VR projects in Architecture are focused on the final stages of design process, basically for selling a house to a client. Thomas sees the real potential in the early stages: when the main decisions need to be made. VR is so good for this, as it helps for non professionals to understand and grasp the concepts of architecture very intuitively. And this is what we talked mostly about.

023 - VR for Education - what was and what is

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We sat down with Trond Nilsen who surprised us with the his overwhelming experience in AR and VR scene. While aiming at discussion about Education in VR, we ended up going through non-mainstream events, discoveries and projects in done in the last 20 years.

022 - Are CAVEs the future or a dead end?

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Remember us ranting about the old CAVE systems? That we thought, it would be the past of VR? Well, we have, at least partially, been proven wrong! CAVEs and in particular companies providing those are apparently not dead at all! We had the chance to interview Wim Vandamme, who is a Black Belt Software Geek and is B.IMMERSED at BARCO. Take it with a grain of salt and judge yourself: Do CAVEs and “industrial grade” VR have a chance to compete or to coexist with morn state of the art VR we all know and love?

021 - Making Factory Manufacturing efficient through Embodied Engineering

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Timo and Thomas, plus our dear co-host, Kris and Petr, spend last few weeks in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. They met with Azad in Palo Alto to talk about Embodied Engineering, the concept behind the factory optimisation tool, virtual spice is developing.In this episode we are also discussing the clash of German Stability vs San Francisco Speed.

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