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014 - Leveraging VR for Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention

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In today’s episode we’re leveraging VR for Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention with our special guest Dr Adam Kiefer. Currently he works as:

  • Director of Training Enhancement and Analysis of Movement Virtual Reality (TEAM VR) Laboratory in the Division of Sports Medicine at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine
  • Member of the Center for Cognition, Action and Perception at the University of Cincinnati

Here are some highlights from today's episode. For more, be sure to listen carefuly :)

Custom Wireless HMD

At first, Oculus Rift DK1, allowed wireless solutions. DK2 modifications did not allow utilization of consumer grade wirless transmiters and receivers.

Threfore, Adam and his team decieded to work in-house on HMD system aimed for scientific purposes and not mass market.

  • prototype 1: backpack
  • 1x2 inch pack on user, OSVR quick prototype for HMD
  • 7-8 months to build first 2 prototypes
  • tracking via Motion Analysis - passive markers, 30-40 markers per user
  • Using Unity. 2 data streams uses: driving avatar (in Untiy) (not so much data needed); biomechanics (a lot of data needed)
  • latency using Nyrous wireless trasmitter: <10ms
  • more than 60 feet (around 18m) range when in line of sight
  • more than 30 feet (around 9m) range through the walls

Uses after hardware is ready

  • training & rehabilittation, because you can alter the virtual world in the ways you cannot in real world
  • introduce more desiarable difficulties, or even simulate injuries
  • and much more...

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Thanks everyone for tuning in to another episode of ResearchVR. Hope you enjoyed listening to it and learned something new.

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