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018 - Guns'n'haptic

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Hello and welcome to episode number 17 of ResearchVR podcast! Where we dig deep into Virtual Reality with Cognitive Science and Economic Research.

For those of you joining us for the first time, ResearchVR is a weekly podcast dedicated to breaking down years of Virtual Reality Research into a digestible form, and discussing the current economic trends of the industry around the world.

Today on the show we are having with us Kyle Monty and Martin Holly from of StrikerVR, and Mike Murdoc from of TriHelix, with whom we are discussing their amazing technologies: positional tracking of GearVR and Haptic Peripherals.

StrikerVR is the provider of modern VR haptic peripheral gun, which delivers feedback such as recoil, really strong hits

TriHelix partnered up with PhaseSpace, creator of tracking technology for big players such as NASA, Disney, or Boeing, to provide a high quality experience for modern VR.

They are all working together to connect PhaseSpace tracking technology, TriHelix SDK for VR, and controller with feedback from StrikerVR.

Approaches to do haptics for gaming

Diffused - a vibration providing an action feedback in a simplified way through vibration patterns

Impact - providing a realistic feeling, best described as the feeling of impact


Thanks everyone for tuning in to another episode of ResearchVR. Hope you enjoyed listening to it and learned something new.

Thanks to Kyle Monty and Martin Holly from StrikerVR and Mike Murdoc from TriHelix for sharing their expertise with us and our listeners.

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