022 - Are CAVEs the future or a dead end?

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Kris and Petr have been visiting the B2B Hackathon in Brussels, as Kris wrote in his UploadVR article. There we recorded a series of episodes, and this one is about CAVEs.

Remember us ranting about the old CAVE systems? That we thought, it would be the past of VR? (CAVE Wikipedia article ). Well, we have, at least partially, been proven wrong! CAVEs and in particular companies providing those are apparently not dead at all! So, BARCO is having two primary Markets: Entertainment and Enterprise. Light systems for big life events but also virtual reality, in fact since 20 years, is something the company provides. We had the chance to interview Wim Vandamme, who is a Black Belt Software Geek and is B.IMMERSED at BARCO.

We took this opportunity because it was very astonishing to see an “old” company combining their CAVEs with modern VR and in fact even with AR! You can argue about Wim being biased. After all, he is working for a company providing CAVEs. Considering his technical background and the good points he made, we still find this episode worth tuning in. So take it with a grain of salt and judge yourself:

Do CAVEs and “industrial grade” VR have a chance to compete or to coexist with morn state of the art VR we all know and love?

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