035 - Education for Sustainable Development with Carina Mentrup

Show notes

This week on ResearchVR we dig deep into VR for sustainable development - meaning we are solving the global worming and consequences of modern worlds rapid development using virtual reality.


Here is a list of most prominent issues we've talked about:

  • sustainable development
  • education for sustainable development
  • education ecosystem
  • storytelling styles
  • moral implication
  • education for everyone
  • didactical methods
  • fidelity discussion
  • go-to-market strategy
  • the power of consumer


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Show transcript

00:00:00: Music.

00:00:08: McDonald's around virtual reality today your joints by me here like alcohol that's where was just of izdebski and we also have.

00:00:18: Carina mentrup yeah thank you very much welcome to us we have here and the topic today will be in Chile education because Carina was or if she had one the amazing a convention,

00:00:32: exhibition price right now I didn't win the advancing vm1 one of the prices best prototype,

00:00:41: an article on a cruise right yes and leave you should be somewhere there we will link it in the show notes the Carina can you tell us a little bit about your project in the beginning.

00:00:51: Well you have quotes well it's cold at the are saving plan today because I do reset an education for sustainable development I was looking for a some sort of method or technology.

00:01:04: We could use to raise awareness for climate change for climate protection and yeah I think about 8 months ago.

00:01:14: I I got in touch with virtual reality for the very first time and I thought maybe this is a good thing to use for education.

00:01:22: Well I am I went to the Sea bit and Hanover and a well I flew on a broom.

00:01:30: And it was quite in him hazardous. Your audience the broom physical room standings that right that's from the ocean the yard and it's like literally sit on that and you control yourself and Yaris,

00:01:43: or does Harry Potter rip off ride,

00:01:44: it is yeah if I decided LOL it has so much and pick on Me Maybe it hasn't pick on people because I'm scared of heights,

00:01:56: and well it was so real and that experience just stayed with me very long the day you went on and,

00:02:05: this is a background what do you study and doing stuff education in English and geography and I'm,

00:02:13: but I did research and education for sustainable development for my Mazda steezus and I try to find ways to teach students or people in general.

00:02:24: At 2 maybe invention was quite recent so did you and had any other VR.

00:02:31: Experiences or did you program a TV already to work with your before the invention of self or did you just thought about it and thought about it.

00:02:39: Yeah but you guys are quite a big team of that mention right I did I was lucky to find so many,

00:02:44: people who wanted to work on an environmental topic how do you make people aware of environmental problems with which reality you tell him a good story,

00:02:56: and I think what I tried to focus on is to teach people their connection where they are in their lives to the rest of the world.

00:03:05: The very complex global system your pot of.

00:03:09: And as well as you know you can show people anything inside the voucher reality you can show them what's real and you can also show them maybe possible and very mental changes you can contrast you can.

00:03:23: You know you can dive into the ocean.

00:03:26: Yeah I wasn't some fish we have an episode on cognitive maps that I would think of the show notes with other famous Onyx was also working on a certain educational.

00:03:39: Project in the are not actually one of the most downloads we have such as a topic of Education seems to be quite big and lesbian some experiments from Google,

00:03:49: Distributing car parts,

00:03:50: the emotion show something was playing around the skeletons but if it just found out forget the topic of fear and just go on a typical education environment I'm pretty sure what you have in mind is rather young go younger people ride children school children or anyone.

00:04:05: Actually anyone but the Prototype that has been developed at the invention will be tested,

00:04:11: the school with units at the age of 12 and 13 what's your mind tools so just say in the storytelling and do you want to shock people in your understanding what they should do or do you just.

00:04:24: One to deliver text you and that explains them how to take care of environment me I don't want to scare shock anyone because I'm not supposed to be for children as well.

00:04:37: But Sam you can you know you can change people's perspectives and I think that can be very powerful you can create empathy by showing them destruction of the rainforest you know.

00:04:51: I never the don't want to scare anyone maybe also the poisoning of the oceans are many topics that are heavily sedated,

00:04:57: right now we have the one of trump elected so I guess it's actually in the area of going into a direction to ask you before you describe your idea more in detail,

00:05:11: I guess everyone who has some majorly plates or world was we are as experienced at Ashley's marketing departments have used it very strong as a beginning,

00:05:20: right because I had the budgets and they made.

00:05:23: Gorgeous maybe not so gorgeous video the distributors in a 360 this with cardboard to say words of want also in a certain way setting something like you are also trying to sell and ideology right basically I don't destroy them and they were trying to say Brent.

00:05:38: Now don't you sing that ass and journalism in general when you would just try to enforce a certain that you find on people,

00:05:47: as it's available and this is a topic with my come up whenever you're speaking about school,

00:05:52: class with sure to children and a few other parents might not be the people who are in favor of climate change they might find it strange that you are not only teaching them but I was trying to,

00:06:04: create empathy and changing their attitude it's not debatable face an undeniable fact,

00:06:10: well okay just a week ago we had some effects the Trump just reason. I'm just asking because I'm actually those topics are there.

00:06:23: Controversial American population size of a cannot just ignore the pride and if you were going out and I was just showing some fish.

00:06:32: What does dying whatever it maybe that's scaring them but you're creating a certain frame right what is season moral of the patience of it,

00:06:40: I wouldn't want to show them dying fish and the Prototype you're a fish and you're trying to eat them,

00:06:47: yeah you don't try to eat plastic but you end up eating microplastic because you can't see that it's microplastic when you were fish in the ocean.

00:06:55: And that's a fact that's what happens if you yes and you just,

00:07:00: you know how people see this prospective and then I show them that this fish might actually end up when your plate and you ever listen to a certain type of Journalism red with with this episode shows in certain vitamins that fits very well when does education process,

00:07:16: so it's not just education in terms of typical,

00:07:20: meaning of the stand-on education that you have school system but it's education for everyone and that's what you try to aim when I asked you was or just being she was just for everyone right.

00:07:30: And the goal is to show the consequences the to educate you and the same that you.

00:07:37: Should not do certain things because this is what's going to happen have you also considered.

00:07:44: Tuesday instructions and virtual reality how you should take care of environment like I don't know.

00:07:51: Help children to decide where they should probably a certain type of trash.

00:07:56: Well yeah Weaver need to talk about the Prototype and I have another the complex idea for an app it's actually a game or just because,

00:08:08: well maybe I should I guess I should protective it I don't know but yeah I think so it said yeah I should I should just put it out there I will,

00:08:19: actually I've applied for the are for impact with this idea I'm sure you thought about it,

00:08:25: can you tell HTC VR frame pack no just more about it what is it,

00:08:32: are the ten millions all of their giving.

00:08:36: Add two projects that tried to help support a well and somebody the sustainable development goals.

00:08:45: To reach these goals with anything they can think of for two reality applications and I have an idea for a game where you actually show people.

00:08:57: The choices they have in their lives and how they can make better choices and I use.

00:09:05: In everyday life situations and then you go out into the world with them and I yeah they see how they are kin,

00:09:13: the rest of the world for example if your emissions how they are connected to the car race around those tri-di for it, I guess if you would just take some artists and just tell some of those ideas through describes I would just go Automotive some models,

00:09:27: put them in the world but I guess your frame is rather from Addy tactical perspective right everything what's what's the magic sauce on trans of tactics in this whole experience has,

00:09:37: well it's that you actually a peach content,

00:09:41: you teach them first you raise awareness that there you can make choices or that there's a problem,

00:09:49: teach people that they are in power because they can make choices and their lives then you teach them what they could do you give them information have the experience of with very real pictures around them so you create empathy.

00:10:03: And I'm the game is I would like this game to be constructed that when you.

00:10:09: Can step out of the virtual reality you actually know what you can do better than reality and it will be called saving plan today the what would be the required levels of difficulty level of application.

00:10:22: I didn't get that social home home realistic she's experienced look like very realistic should or should maybe be more abstract.

00:10:31: Noveria that's why.

00:10:33: Because I want people to understand that they are in power of many things in their lives and so I want.

00:10:42: Them to have a very real experience inside the veggie reality I wanted to look familiar to them or did you also thought about including 360 content or will it be just simulation,

00:10:55: are 360 contrite or as always been emotional going out and feeling but that's just a realist of the forest and just spins ideas right so perfect,

00:11:05: and tell her audience we just got Carina and a stage for she has an idea and she's developing and she's building it's already products was a older now,

00:11:15: that's why we're now we'll just assume.

00:11:18: Now we we take her at the start of the forest and what would be the best experience if you seen in 10 years to build with 10 best developers to get an unlimited funding so haha how would it look like,

00:11:28: I paid with a griot so I can edit Road in my brain or what,

00:11:33: give me an idea for the rainforest now or application the software for education and changing,

00:11:43: the awareness how do you seat in a when you have unlimited resources jobs of development and money how would you build it.

00:11:50: Back right now obviously have plans that are limited to resources and money right interpret with right now get 1 billion dollars and 20 developer whatever how would you proceed.

00:12:02: I would try to use as many like real pictures from the environment because I think you should work with the fascination of our ecosystem while it's functioning.

00:12:14: And I'm sure people have beautiful out Planet it so your with you a shin for this whole project is not only because your background of Education.

00:12:24: Did you care about the environment White.

00:12:32: Because I care about the rabbit what what's your imagination for the.

00:12:37: Well I've traveled a lot and I've seen not any beautiful places also,

00:12:43: places that have been polluted you know and I think that we're all in this together we're a global community and we all have a responsibility,

00:12:57: like every individual of us here on this planet while we here and the.

00:13:03: I think it's important that we raise awareness and that we um yeah sure people to protect.

00:13:10: The place we live in the planet we live on going to certain way you ever desire to capture the places you have been the Beauty and the destruction and share those people.

00:13:23: The basic with drive-thru.

00:13:26: It sounds like an interesting solution for this application will be an interactive 360 video capture content not just.

00:13:37: A CGI animation that you actually take pictures and then you make decisions in the picture using by for using Petr action or itracker whatever.

00:13:49: But it still just 360 videos or pictures because that provides you the highest level of.

00:13:57: Visual Fidelity that's true but how would you much weight people to watch it.

00:14:02: Because that's a once again you have a limited resources you going out to the world you have a thousands of clones you make Elsa's great footage a bill the most awesome as their how do you what you with people actually.

00:14:14: You ready to get education or piano I guess people already motivated.

00:14:20: I know they're fascinated by the technology so whenever you're off of somebody to Triad virtual reality that like you don't want to try this afraid of it.

00:14:32: And then when I speak to people about the environment they say to me Ocarina I don't know,

00:14:38: there's so many things that we're doing wrong and I'm not to fly on holiday anymore supposed to I'm not so I shouldn't come see him this I shouldn't eat meat and what I want to do is help people.

00:14:51: You know that this all out for them and explain to them these other things you can do better if you want to but I don't want.

00:14:59: People to feel like they have to make all these choices would you describe your project this ass off their project orison.

00:15:10: Educational is illogical project what's your strong agenda because.

00:15:16: People can build is definitely an old 360 cameras that can film it then they can create content I can put it together but.

00:15:23: Are you with what you say that you're basically trying to create this.

00:15:30: Agenda and Sheraton round so you're not reading education business and with more insulation.

00:15:39: What is the grenade for Nation of Islam worth.

00:15:44: It doesn't mean I think that sounds with the negative to be.

00:15:50: Yeah but I'm just trying to be in a critical year yeah I mean that you are on the photos obviously shows that we are excited about the project that I mean your application was really interesting that you've been tense of the hat on.

00:16:05: Let's be honest I'm also definitely super aware of the problems of Environmental.

00:16:11: I'm not doing that much to change it but I'm wearing them and I always see it right wrench for for people to change it but.

00:16:18: You know it was well it's a difficult place oh yeah and I guess sorry to say this but I think I'm more in the educational side because that was your question I hear with them.

00:16:31: And I would like to to follow this because I think education is the most powerful force we have on this planet and it's peaceful.

00:16:40: So I guess if we want to change anything we have to educate people and I'll see if we don't. On anyone.

00:16:49: This is just a.

00:16:52: You know something that people can try and it's supposed to be Damon supposed to be fun you know it in the end you can actually save the planet if you make the right choices so why wouldn't you love to play this game that's wonderful is it that gay is it found,

00:17:06: publish this game on Steam for example or how to run to distributed.

00:17:11: The reason why pets ask the question before of go-to-market strategy so how you make people watch use this application what's this.

00:17:20: The people you describe already want to change environment so they are sort of.

00:17:25: Motivated enough to check your application check other information on how to save environment how to make environment.

00:17:33: Great again but then there is a bigger group that has no motivation that doesn't want to change their habits,

00:17:43: yeah I'm a mess example here I have so many other things on my head that I don't want to think,

00:17:50: where to throw away the trash so if the trash can is not properly marked or doesn't even give a list of things that go there I just throw it somewhere else randomly as to be honest most of the world as we are in Germany special place for people for some reasons,

00:18:03: maybe if you and historical Guild maybe that just proper people and I'll just do a lot for environment of their like,

00:18:10: few other small places but I mean if you around the world yourself is me most people don't care right now the question is how do you convince me to use your application.

00:18:19: How to make the topic of environmental destruction sexy,

00:18:28: cuz I actually want to use it I want to bring it into schools because I think children our future and if I've lost you already and your dinner a shin I'm very sad about that but it seems that you know the next Generations will,

00:18:42: they will be told in schools and they will be a lot more away than we are I guess we're kind of dinner on the edge some of us,

00:18:51: thank you for taking her and other Chris we can be friends I don't want to pretend I mean you see that,

00:19:04: contact for audience in Germany there's a company producing sausages.

00:19:08: You can buy them you the roughly or Meadow sausages what is a sausages it's fine with that if it reaches call the German is that feel like since I have to check its 100-year super.

00:19:21: Successful making a lot of money and then for some weird reason I'm sick and hit them when they might have some drinks or whatever and it started to produce vegan worst,

00:19:31: then I'm making more money is a vegan and vegetarian worst that was a vegetarian sausages it was the other meat what does that show you exactly how powerful,

00:19:42: the consumer actually is,

00:19:44: and how much you can change as a consumer and if you don't consume things you change something in this world and that's what I would like to teach people inside this game hijacks a system.

00:19:57: Instead of you know just mailing all the politicians change the crowd and use the crowd to,

00:20:02: be more responsible for the vote Yes I mean it's it's called saving Planet a for a reason,

00:20:09: is it going to be exactly you're so clever there's no planning on my website yeah yeah steps.

00:20:22: Well finding investors buying for scholarships I'm talking to your investors for people reach you on my website.

00:20:30: Yeah there's a contact on Facebook.

00:20:35: You also told me before that because you're writing a master Jesus on the are so what's said it's it's about a education for sustainable development,

00:20:46: Professor reality experience Prime and what are you briefly what's your.

00:20:54: I'm going to you a test the Prototype that has been developed at the ignition I'm in a school.

00:21:04: And ask you know do a survey with the students and find out what they flood their capability or empathy and maybe.

00:21:14: Behavior changes setting questions I'm going to ask them are you going to check their behavioral it's a two weeks or 4 weeks,

00:21:22: from the moment they tested you applications like they don't need to detail if it off but really I will not ask them right after the experience I will actually wait a bit and then do the surgery with them.

00:21:34: That's the idea to see what stage with them. Also do some pretty measurement like you measure there Karen Behavior bike the throat,

00:21:44: things in the right been torn and producer the survey and then you compared to you have the pre post.

00:21:51: Past form and yeah that's an idea I was actually going to,

00:21:57: I teach the very same lesson for two different classes and use the virtual reality experience any and one of them and then after that so do the survey with both of the classes and see.

00:22:10: Also supposed to have all those and you basically have the problems with the two places might have been already different you have so I guess.

00:22:23: The human yeah yeah it sounds interesting very excited.

00:22:30: Anyone who listens to the podcast before I might have maybe notice at me.

00:22:37: I mean I'm usually not that critical so I guess right and maybe has the feeling that I was trying to roast you,

00:22:43: but I know it's fine but it's what I do to my room into this that's what they like you because I care so much about the topic I was trying to push you to the Limit because.

00:22:54: I make sure you know on your side as it arose because in America just great but you might encounter people that have different,

00:23:00: and very strange views and those people are usually a little bit lesson,

00:23:05: open minded and especially when we saw you looking at me when you sort of Kristoff.

00:23:19: Right now we are in Hanover in a place called heaven,

00:23:24: I hope I pronounced as well because it is a very creative name when you write it down because co-working space in Germany it looks pretty amazing and it's a new style where everything looks like concrete.

00:23:37: Because it helps you focus and do such a thing.

00:23:40: And we are right now and the Hanover your meet up it's one of the biggest meet up and Germany and West Germany basic plan.

00:23:50: There a lot of exhibition at Sears over some great talks we will also record some other episodes here,

00:23:57: I hopefully today with our nuclear it was something else I wanted to quickly address before we come back, guess we have been.

00:24:05: Trying to improve the sound quality of this podcast for many many months and I think we are going there we have no new year and last artifacts and.

00:24:15: We hope that this episode will satisfy your ears and watch.

00:24:18: Yeah we will appreciate any feedback positive roasting praising just saying we we read all your emails all the stuff that you receive not always react with directly,

00:24:29: whenever we can do whatever makes sense we do but we read everything on all the channels so you don't speak into the void you speak to us with just a no.

00:24:37: Trying to do more podcast just answering you.

00:24:41: Coming back to the guest versus most wonderful researchvr you have any questions.

00:24:48: I have so many question but I don't think not no no no.

00:24:55: What do you think is a fundamental we okay if I ask you the fundamental use your virtual reality might education right.

00:25:03: I mean I always think that it's science medical stuff because there's a lot of science behind it and like education,

00:25:13: does gaming drives the whole industry is great answer. For the payment education King created long-term impact as a sustainable and as we have heard was episode was Alex and I guess hopefully many more guess who have.

00:25:26: Education is just something that can be mended yeah Richard be a committed is the ER and IR to a new level because not only.

00:25:34: Nope even people.

00:25:37: Teachers the ability to take children somewhere else without spending a lot of money but it's also if I would argue and I would like to know your opinion on that it's also a great way to catch the attention of.

00:25:48: No the younger versions of acid or even more and put your Facebook and Snapchat and have even the smallest attention span let me know so it's all so it's all right.

00:26:00: What's the secular.

00:26:06: Grease live in difficult now stating the obvious obvious,

00:26:19: okay wonderful well will 200 stay on the topic of Education I guess and will have.

00:26:27: Some point more episodes about it and especially when your project was developed maybe a year,

00:26:32: I would love to have you for another episode and see how it develops already an episode in which reality where we can social ideas for my lovely audience or suggestions you can call the.

00:26:47: Carina.

00:26:48: And so if your ideas and if you support her and I guess there are some ways to write in her web site or no the for this whole project are you a teacher you can show with a sentence for she traces.

00:26:59: Didn't send enough bread and general is it good to be our contact because everything is marketing related or game related answer.

00:27:07: But you know which is good I'm in the street but when we speak about journalism or storytelling in the ER and also education counted it obviously needs a strong base of community.

00:27:20: And that supports it and brings it into the schools.

00:27:24: What is ink about communities that you reality think about it right now the creative and.

00:27:34: Open minded very supportive very motivating and encouraging when I speak about my project of the ideas I have.

00:27:44: I feel like I found a mini new friends already I'm just asking this question,

00:27:53: it's okay I'll just ask it you're not very technical person right now it just came into this community that is like super pic so driven and feel the living room when he's more tractors I have more GPU here just coming with an idea which make some contact educational,

00:28:07: three is really welcomed right and no one is like saying I don't care what country won Hardware Newberry supported right yeah they do,

00:28:16: I do and I mean yeah I'm going to hack her office they butts and you're my type everyone to hack somebody's ass,

00:28:25: I'm sorry I speak to them a lot because I need to find out what can be done inside the virtual reality or ready and what kind,

00:28:34: yeah but I obviously need to learn a lot that's very interesting if you for Open Road,

00:28:39: very open very open and I teach them about the environment so there's Ridgeway I mean it's also my impression on this whole Community right now but.

00:28:50: It's always wanted to double-check and the only one I love that stuff any last words from Chris.

00:28:57: I'm waiting for the application that can convince me to care about the environment and the schools,

00:29:07: get a natural version that is just showing up at least make a super extra verse just for Chris that shows the whole Truity and everything just brainwashed a distraction,

00:29:18: Ellis works for you thank you so much for having me I hope it's not too chaotic,

00:29:23: no it wasn't it was it was another fun and I'm pretty sure our audience will have a good day don't forget you audio cord is he exactly drive to load article 7.

00:29:37: The next time you have to care for a fire ants.

00:29:43: Music.

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