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047 - Does Mobile AR Matter?

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And again we were hosting live from WITHIN Bigscreen.

The live video recording can be found at our Facebook Page: Facebook Link. Alternatively it can be found under our Twitter page: Twitter Link.

The Main topic this time was: Does Mobile AR Matter?

Also Petr and Azad talked about:

  • Petr using the Strider VR treadmill,
  • New information about Nvidia's Varifocal lenses,
  • And smelling in VR!


Drawing with you fingers in AR KIT

Live video from the VR BASE game jam

Azad testing AR KIT in his garden

Strider VR Treadmill

Olorama VR Smell Device

Researchers Demonstrate 100° Dynamic Focus AR Display With Membrane Mirrors

If you're curious about the Science behind Virtual Reality, curious about how your brain works, and generally like to dig a little deeper into topics, then check out our past episodes!


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