Why Women DON'T like Social VR w/ Jessica Outlaw - 059

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Behavioral Scientist Jessica Outlaw is an outspoken Social Scientist in the field of VR User Experience Design. She recently published an Inductive Qualitative study with Beth Duckles, PhD about the experiences of "Millennial, tech-savvy women" in Social VR applications (Altspace, High Fidelity, Facebook Spaces, etc).

In this episode, we talk embodied cognition, implicit biases, gender differences in social behavior and navigation in an unfamiliar environment, as well as the questions the paper raises up about inclusivity and approachability in design.

Recorded: Jan 30, 2018

13:00 - Implicit Bias reduction in VR

13:35 - The Proteus Effect

14:30 - Stanford Prison Experiment

18:00 - MAIN PAPER: Why Women Don't Like Social Virtual Reality

21:30 - NormalVR Open-Source Keyboard: Cutie Keys

23:00 - VRChat

23:13 - VRChat meme: Show me da wey

24:30 - High Fidelity

28:00 - Collective Effervescence

51:25 - Harassment in QuiVr

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Guest: Jessica Outlaw

Host: Az Balabanian

Cohost: Petr Legkov

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Email: researchvrcast@gmail.com

Twitter: @ResearchVRCast

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