The Past, Present, and the Future of VR (Ben Lang, Executive Editor of Road to VR) - 088

Show notes


Ben Lang, Co-Founder and executive editor of Road to VR joins us to talk about the early days of the VR industry, the founding of his publication, the what's right around the corner in the industry.

Topics discussed:

  • Oculus Quest's target audience and place in current HMD landscape
  • Minimum spec requirements for PC VR gen 2.0
  • Is "perfect Virtual Reality" the bar we need to reach?
  • Will Valve ever enter the all-in-one VR space?
  • Magic Leap's target audience


03:20 - what RoadtoVR could’ve become in 2011 - Astrophotography, tablets

09:00 - “Perfect Virtual Reality”: is the Road to VR ever reached?

19:00 - Oculus Quest’s impact in the VR industry

21:09 - Will Oculus Quest sell well at launch?

33:20 - When will gen 2.0 PC VR headsets come out? What are the requirements for gen 2.0? Oculus Rift 2?

48:20 - Will Valve target mobile VR or remain focused on PC VR?

51:53 - Where does Magic Leap One fit into this industry?

1:02:40 - Will AR replace smartphones? What’s Apple play in wearable AR?

1:08:30 - What is Google doing in VR/AR? Is Daydream alive? Tilt Brush/Blocks? Are they sitting this generation out?

1:15:20 - why the Hype factor of VR being low is a good thing for developers and investors

recorded: Oct 2018

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