Analyzing AR Trends in 2019 (Tom Emrich, Investor at Super Ventures) - 092

Show notes

Tom Emrich, Investor from Super Ventures joins Az to talk about the prevailing trends of AR in 2019.

Topics discussed:

  • Focals by North Smartglasses
  • XR vs. Spatial Computing
  • cultural implications of all-day AR glasses
  • AR Cloud is to AR as the Browser/Search Engines are for the early web
  • visual personifications of AI assistants in AR (Siri, Alexa)
  • AR for the world vs AR for your face
  • Facebook Portal
  • AR in cars (self driving or not)
  • Current state of AR investments
  • How to think about 5G from an AR perspective

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Super Ventures

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Guests: Tom Emrich

Hosts: Az Balabanian, Petr Legkov

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