Rec Room's Origins and its UGC Future (Shawn Whiting, Community Designer @ Against Gravity) - 95

Show notes

Shawn Whiting, the Community Designer at Against Gravity joins Petr and Azad to discuss the origins and the future of one of the most popular games in VR: Rec Room.

Topics discussed:

  • origins of Rec Room as "WiiSports of VR"
  • the variety of results when building a "networked VR app"
  • handling major updates to a multi-platform VR app
  • Creating the written and unwritten rules of social spaces
  • self-moderation vs moderator intervention
  • Creative tools to build user generated rooms
  • Deciding when to use user-feedback and when not to
  • Differences between VR players vs 2D screen players
  • currency and in-game economy

recorded in April 2019

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Guests: Shawn Whiting

Hosts: Az Balabanian, Petr Legkov

Podcast: Research VR Podcast

Discord Community Channel:

Twitter: @ResearchVRcast

Youtube: ResearchVR Podcast

Patreon: Patreon Page


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