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The Problem with Magic Leap One's Display, Explained - 085

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Az and Petr go deep into discussing the Magic Leap One's display technology, what we were expecting, what was being worked on, and what was finally delivered.

Topics discussed:
- What is vergence, accomodation, lightfield displays?
- How does Magic Leap's display work?
- Why is the near clipping plane at 37 cm?

Prototyping AR Interactions in VR with ModBox VR (Lee Vermeulen) - 083

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Lee Vermeulen, creator of ModBox VR joins Petr and Az to talk about prototyping AR using VR today.

Topics discussed:
- What does VR/AR enable in an IOT equipped house? ie, controlling lights from within VR.
- Mixed Reality Meshing using Stereolabs Zed cam
- IRL Monitors interacting with spatial computing apps
- Photogrammetry scanning using Arkit

Volumetric Video, Depth Cams, and Filmmaking using Depthkit, with Alexander Porter - 081

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Alexander Porter joins us to talk about DepthKit, a Volumetric Video Capture tools and Scatter, the company he cofounded.

Topics discussed:
- Starting from building an open sourced volumetric video creation tool
- Creating mobile Volcap tools for non engineers with small budgets
- How do IR Depth Cams work?

Key takeaways:
- The need for Volumetric live action capture is on the rise (because of new display tech; ie VR, AR, holographic displays)
- New Depth cameras are on the rise once again
- Big need for software that lets filmmakers use these sensors to make film and art without having a CS degree

The State of the VR Industry with Tipatat Chennavasin, GP at The VR Fund - 80

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VR Investor and developer Tipatat Chennavasin joins us to talk about how far we've come over the past 2.5 years of consumer VR.

Topics discussed:
- Jumping from development to venture capital
- Which businesses _need_ VC investment, and which don't
- How media hype overvalued VR companies

Key takeaways:
- Right now is the BEST time to be investing and developing in VR, with no real AAA competition, no overinflated hype, with a growing and hungry for content userbase.
- Plenty of business models than don't need venture capital to be successful
- You're better off prototyping AR apps in VR than on mobile AR today

Intimate Emotions and Anonymous Networks in "Where Thoughts Go" w/ Lucas Rizzotto - 077

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Lucas Rizzotto joins us to talk about "Where Thoughts Go: Prologue" as an anonymous way of sharing and listening to people's intimate thoughts and emotions in VR.

Topics discussed:
- BoostVC and why living with other founders is helpful for young startups
- Social Networks with or without like/comment response systems
- Why anonymity is important
- How to handle bad behavior, trolls, and 4chan raids

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