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The State of the VR Industry with Tipatat Chennavasin, GP at The VR Fund - 80

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VR Investor and developer Tipatat Chennavasin joins us to talk about how far we've come over the past 2.5 years of consumer VR.

Topics discussed:
- Jumping from development to venture capital
- Which businesses _need_ VC investment, and which don't
- How media hype overvalued VR companies

Key takeaways:
- Right now is the BEST time to be investing and developing in VR, with no real AAA competition, no overinflated hype, with a growing and hungry for content userbase.
- Plenty of business models than don't need venture capital to be successful
- You're better off prototyping AR apps in VR than on mobile AR today

Intimate Emotions and Anonymous Networks in "Where Thoughts Go" w/ Lucas Rizzotto - 077

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Lucas Rizzotto joins us to talk about "Where Thoughts Go: Prologue" as an anonymous way of sharing and listening to people's intimate thoughts and emotions in VR.

Topics discussed:
- BoostVC and why living with other founders is helpful for young startups
- Social Networks with or without like/comment response systems
- Why anonymity is important
- How to handle bad behavior, trolls, and 4chan raids

History Preservation vs Documentation using Photogrammetry with Deb Mayers - 075

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Deb Mayers, a Researcher and Graduate student of Ancient Cultures and Computer Science joins us to talk about History, technology, and VR.

Topics Discussed:
- Documentation vs Preservation of History
- Technology's role in the interpretation of History
- Cultures as dynamic entities

Apologies for the audio quality for this episode. Sometimes impossible for windows to pick the right mic to record from.

Designing Impossible Musical Instruments in VR w/ Zach Kinstner - 074

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Designer/Developer Zach Kinstner joins the podcast to talk about designing his VR music creation tool, Exa: Infinite Instrument.

- designing Hover UI for hands with Leap Motion
- building better musical instruments in VR
- buttons that can be pushed from behind (for keyboards and such)

Is OTOY's RNDR the only Blockchain technology that makes sense? - 072

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OTOY's Head of Blockchain Kalin Stoyanchev joins the podcast to talk about how they plan to crowdsource people's dormant GPU's, and use them to complete rendering jobs (in exchange for some crypto).

Is this the only VR + Crypto idea that actually makes sense?

Topics discussed:
- Crowdsourced rendering
- Is decentralization that important?
- How does OTOY's current centralized rendering system work?

recorded: May 2018

Creating a fun, social Art gallery in VR w/ Colin Northway and Robin Stethem

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Colin Northway and Robin Stethem talk about their unreleased VR Art Gallery called the Museum of Other Realities.

Topics discussed:
- removing "elitism” from Art & museums
- Art pieces turning into hangout spots
- Architecture generated out of noise
- Digital art’s scarcity/value problem
- Using Etherium as a way to tie value to digital art

recorded: May 2018

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